The Suggestion Place
Reduce Cost, Generate Revenue & Improve Efficiency

People are the key to success for organisations.

The Suggestion Place will ensure all stakeholders have a voice and their voice is heard.

  Success through the power of suggestion

The strength of every organisation lies with its people. The Suggestion Place is a sophisticated, easy to use online application that allows you to harness that power.

Work culture is shifting rapidly and employees now demand higher levels of job satisfaction and a sense of meaning and personal empowerment in the workplace. They want their voice to be heard.

The people on the ground day to day in your business are also closest to your customers and the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation. They are your most powerful tool when it comes to suggesting ways to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve efficiency.

  How it works

The Suggestion Place is a flexible online application that provides a seamless, automated process for assessment, implementation, tracking and monitoring suggestions. Read more here about the 6 Step Process.

  Business benefits

Is there a particular business challenge you would like solved, such as reducing company travel expenses? Is it time to boost morale in your organisation, or increase productivity? Find out how The Suggestion Place adds immense value to your business. Read more.

  A communication tool

Use The Suggestion Place as a powerful communication tool. Send out messages, issue business challenges, invite feedback and provide a space for peer recognition and reward. Read more

Grow your Organisation with The Suggestion Place