A Communication Tool

Open up the lines of communication within your company like never before. Where communication has traditionally been ad hoc, via a range of different media and forums, The Suggestion Place allows you to centralise that process. This adds immense value to your organisation in a range of ways.


Set challenges for your team that draw out their resourcefulness, knowledge and creativity. Particular challenges can bring you tangible bottom line results and also spark other ideas for improvement.


Providing a central and open place for suggestions increases the engagement of your staff and their sense of ownership in your company and brand.


Giving feedback to staff is crucial to their sense of worth and satisfaction. It is very time consuming to only do this via in person or group meetings. Having a centralised forum for both general and specific feedback strengthens internal relationships and staff performance.


Peer to peer recognition is a powerful way to boost morale and performance. The Suggestion Place allows your team to acknowledge jobs well done and congratulate peers on achievements and successes.


Many workplaces are multi-site, with employees working from remote or mobile locations. A centralised communication tool is crucial not only to logistics, but also maintaining a sense of unity among your team.


In tandem with The Suggestion Place is an online rewards system that will provide your team with a full range of outstanding reward items. This supports the recognition they get for making suggestions with extra incentive to achieve.