Business Benefits

The Suggestion Place is a powerful business improvement tool that is designed to become an integrated part of your organisation. You can invite suggestions from particular groups or areas or from the whole company.

  Bottom line benefits

One of the most powerful ways to use The Suggestion Place is to set challenges. By aligning your challenges with bottom line goals, you can achieve significant results in areas of cost saving and increased revenue. Challenges can include both specific and more general goals such as:

  • Reduce Customer transaction times by 50%
  • Create new revenue streams
  • Increase repeat business from existing customers

  Customer satisfaction

Every business seeks ways to improve customer satisfaction. Market place power is increasingly in the hands of consumers who use a range of online tools to express both loyalty to and dissatisfaction with companies and brands.

Attention to small details can play a huge role in customer satisfaction. Evidence of this is often anecdotal. A team member shares a story at a staff meeting. A happy (or disgruntled) customer gives feedback over the phone.

The Suggestion Place allows you to harness the small details and the wide breadth of knowledge that your team has. By providing a structured framework where they can submit ideas for increased customer satisfaction, all of that anecdotal evidence becomes a measurable path to success.

  Employee engagement

One of the most common reasons for talented staff leaving organisations is that they don’t feel valued. You know how valuable your team is but there aren’t enough hours in the day to always be communicating that.

The Suggestion Place creates a bridge between you and your employees. It is not tokenistic. It is a structured way for you to invite input, create dialogue and recognise achievement.

You will notice significant improvements in efficiency and productivity once your employees have a vested interest in your organisation’s business improvement process.

As an added incentive The Suggestion Place can connect to an online rewards system. Talk to one of our consultants if you would like to know more about this.