How The Suggestion Place Works

The Suggestion Place is a user friendly, all in one web application. It has been developed in line with a number of world class improvement frameworks and methodologies. The easy to use, intuitive interface means that it fits seamlessly with your team’s day to day work activities.

  There are 6 steps to The Suggestion Place Process

The process is automated. Each step is designed to reinforce the value of contributing (perfect for team morale building) while also acting as a powerful business improvement tool.

1. Request

The framework enables local or whole company suggestions to be requested and generated.

2. Respond

Every request gets a response, regardless of whether it is eventually implemented or not.

3. Assess

Review framework allows management to assess the feasibility of each suggestion, ranking them against pre-set criteria that are aligned with corporate goals and objectives.

4. Approve

Those suggestions that are assessed as having potential are approved.

5. Implement

The implementation process is captured and monitored.

6. Track

The lifecycle of each suggestion is tracked from concept through to implementation and success so you can measure effectiveness.

As a business improvement tool The Suggestion Place helps you measure the success and value of every suggestion.

As a people powered innovation tool The Suggestion Place ensures all stakeholders in your organisation have a voice and their voice is heard.